Vibrant Pike Place Market: A Feast for the Eyes

Take the scenic ferry ride from Bremerton to downtown Seattle, where the ferry stops only a few blocks from Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market.  Explore downtown Seattle by foot, avoiding the stress of navigating traffic and parking.

Agate Beach House is 35 miles’ drive from the Bremerton Ferry Terminal (211 1st Street,Bremerton, Washington 98337). The ferry trip takes about one hour.

From Bremerton to Seattle, there is usually no fare for walk-on passengers (at the time of this post, vehicles cost $11.50 – $12.75 depending upon the vehicle size, but please verify rates by visiting this link:

Returning from Seattle to Bremerton, rates are approximately as follows (please verify all rates by visiting “current rates  Children $6.05, Adults $7.50, Seniors $3.75.

Bremerton Ferry Schedule –, Washington Ave, Bremerton, Washington 98337 (360) 705-7438.