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Wholesome Local Produce

Artichokes, plums, sunchokes, asian pears, figs, sugar pie pumpkins, kiwis, several varieties of apples to name but a few locally-grown vegetables and fruits available in local Olympic Peninsula farmers markets, fresh produce stands and grocery stores.

Puget Sound’s farmers markets and many grocery stores offer a robust selection of local produce and hand crafted items including seasonal fruits and vegetables, home made foods such as sauerkraut and sausages, as well as beautiful local crafts such as wreaths for all seasons, carvings and houses for birds and bats.

In addition to organic fruits and vegetables, market tables are usually loaded with fresh farm cheeses, herbs, foraged mushrooms, free-range chicken and eggs, seafood, pastured organic beef, ciders, honey, preserves, fresh baked bread and pastries, wine, sauces, prepared foods, cut flowers, and plants.

Some farmers markets located nearby Agate Beach House can be found on our list of recommended day trips (

Most farmers markets are open roughly from April – September or October, but there are some open longer (Olympia Farmers Market remains in operation through December 24th and the University District Market remains open through November).

A few farmers markets in the Seattle area are open year-round (such as Ballard, Fremont, West Seattle and Pike Place). The travel time is approximately 1-1/2 hour drive from Agate Beach House (whether driving around the Olympic Peninsula or taking a ferry).

Some of the larger markets have chef demonstrations, live music, or special seasonal events. To check event schedules, visit each market’s website.

To browse fruits and vegetables in season, by month, visit: Of course, availability varies from market to market.