McLane Creek Nature Trail

McLane Nature Creek Trail in Olympia is approximately 30 miles south of Agate Beach House. Ducks, wrens, otters, and beavers make their home in this easily accessible park.  It offers parking, partially planked boardwalk trails, and benches along the way for sitting and watching birds.

There are two trail loops, one is 1.1 miles and the other .6 miles around. Because the boardwalk is mostly planked with sturdy wood, it is ideal for families with children or elderly family members (although there are some muddy areas after heavy rains). There are plenty of areas along both loops to stop, rest, and take in the birdlife and scenery. The scenery is stunning in all seasons, especially during autumn.


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On the way back to Hwy 101, on Black Lake Blvd., you will pass a shopping area that conveniently includes Trader Joe’s, Tops supermarket, Walgreens, Barnes and Noble, and more.