Winter Views

The area where Agate Beach House is located does not get much snowfall, and the snow usually does not last for long.  Here are some photos taken after a fresh layer of winter snow in 2010.

When the chilly weather arrives, we recommend brewing hot chocolate and lighting a fire in one of the house’s two fireplaces (one is upstairs in the main living room, and the other is located in the downstairs living area). Visitors can easily purchase firewood from nearby stores and service stations.
Steller’s Jays, year-round residents of the Puget Sound area, can sometimes be seen around Agate Beach House even in the winter.
Named for 18th century German naturalist, Georg Steller, they mostly reside in forested areas on the western side of the continent as far north as Alaska, and as far south as Nicaragua.

They are especially dramatic emerging from the morning fog, their black hoods and deep blue bodies sharply outlined against the white background.

We haven’t gotten photos of them yet to post on this website (these intelligent and mischievous members of the crow family don’t sit still for long!).
You can view more information about Steller’s Jays and photos on the following link: