For Locavores

The Pacific Northwest is abundant in delicious natural resources, from fruits of the vine to succulent seafood fresh from the cold waters of Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. Whether you are seeking local flavors to satisfy the carnivore or vegetarian in your group, locally grown and foraged meat, seafood and produce is plentiful and easily accessible!

Agate Beach House’s owners include a professional chef, who comes to the area whenever possible to indulge in the wonderfully diverse local flavors of the Pacific Northwest – earthy foraged chantrelle mushrooms, sweet figs and blackberries, briny local oysters, flavorful grass-fed beef, and so much more.

These pages include some of our favorite dishes inspired by locally grown or foraged resources.  Often the most obvious preparation method is the also the most simple and unadulterated, to emphasize the purity and richness of the raw ingredients themselves.

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