Wild blackberries are abundant all around the Olympic Peninsula.

Bring a container if you go fishing or hiking, you might happen upon a sweet trove of ripe berries to eat fresh, blend into a smoothie or bake into a pie.

A variety of edible plants grow on the grounds of Agate Beach House – huckleberries, green grapes, apples, Asian pears, artichokes, sun chokes, snap peas and herbs (garlic chives, rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena, basil, cilantro and more), depending upon the time of year how the batch has been harvested by other visitors.

On chilly mornings, try a rosemary herbal infusion in place of tea – cut a 3 – 4″ twig of rosemary, immerse in boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes, and enjoy the pure, intense flavorful brew.

Blackberries in ceramic bowl

Blackberries picked along the road near Agate Beach House (month of August).

BlackBerry berries on a branch close-up.

Blackberries along the road near Agate Beach House (Late Summer)

Snow peas field

Snap Peas, Agate Beach House (Late Summer)

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